• 11/29/2011

    ULA will present the results of i-Tour project at the edition of Mobile App Camp which will be held in Skpje from 30 of november to the 2 of december 2012.
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  • 06/05-09/2011

    ULA will participate in SemTech 2011 conference, which will take place in San Francisco, together with the consortium Semantic Valley. SemTech, which is now in its seventh edition, is the most important worldwide conference dedicated to the semantic technologies.
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  • 05/15/2011

    ULA participates in the workshop Articraft with a Scientific Paper that compares the use of traditional Gis interfaces with a natural language interface. Articraft is a part of Ant 2011, an International conference which will be held from 19th to 21st September 2011 in Canada, Niagara Falls.
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  • 05/06/2011

    ULA participates in a panel discussion entitled "How to create an eco system of innovation" organized by the Consortium Semantic Valley which is held in Rovereto city at the University of Cognitive Sciences.
    For more information visit www.semanticvalley.org

  • 03/21/2011

    ULA signs an agreement for commercial collaboration with Xenesysleading company in Italy for the consultancy and IT solutions provider. The purpose of the partnership is to offer services in the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Semantic for utilities and the corporate world in general.

  • 11/30/2010

    ULA joined the Consortium Semantic Valley as a founding member.
    The Consortium aims to promote, in the autonomous county of Trento in Italy and abroad, the technologies developed in the district of Trento I the area of semantic, content and knowledge and treatment of language in spoken and written forms.
    For more information about the Consortium Semantic Valley visit www.semanticvalley.org

  • 11/11/2010

    ULA enters Indian market by establishing the company ASQL LTD PVT in partnership with an Indian company Netedge (www.netedgecomputing.com).The new company will take care of commercialization of the solutions of ULA in the area of SAARC and of development activity of its technologies as well as for ODC projects for its customers.

  • 05/13/2010

    ULA joined the project i-Tour funded by VII framework program of the European Community. The i-Tour aims to develop an open platform that can be used by different service providers, public administrations and citizens to provide them the intelligent tools for multimodal mobility.
    For more information visit www.itourproject.com

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